Recent Work – Publications, Fellowships and Presentations

Successful Land Leasing in Australia – RIRDC

R.G. Ashby & Co. Pty Ltd, with funding from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC), have updated their 2002 publication – ‘Successful Land Leasing in Australia – A guide for farmers and their advisers’. The publication was launched in May 2011. It identifies the circumstances under which leasing farm land represents a suitable form of business expansion and examines how leased land can be managed in a sustainable manner that is fair to both landowner and tenant. The publication also provide an overview of land leasing in Australia, England & Wales, and the USA; the economies of leasing including risk; provides examples of leasing in practice; and outlines the methods for pricing a lease.

The publication includes a case study illustrating these principles with practical, real-world examples; and the information it contains is of value to farmers and farm advisers.

Copies of ‘Successful Land Leasing in Australia – A guide for farmers and their advisers’ are available here.

Churchill Fellowship

In 2013 Duncan was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the leasing of rural land in the UK, Canada and the USA.

Duncan’s Fellowship looked at how Australian farm succession and productivity can be improved through improved leasing practices. He visited the UK, USA and Canada and studied their practices in this area.

Australian agriculture has an ageing farmer population and a high proportion of small unprofitable farms; at the same time that calls are being made for increased productivity to take advantage of an Asia driven food boom. Leasing can encourage younger farmers to enter the industry; provide increased economies of scale to existing farmers; and encourage the optimal use of precious land resources. However leasing is not common in Australia in comparison with the USA, Canada and UK. (See Blog here).

GRDC Business Updates

Duncan drew on his Churchill Fellowship findings when he spoke at the GRDC Business Update at Bendigo on the 10th March 2016. (link here).

GRDC Extension Program

In 2016 Duncan has been chosen to participate in the GRDC Extension Adoption Training and Support Program.